Sunday, August 28, 2005

Once a blogger...

I've been away from the blogosphere for God-knows how long. The past few weeks were really stressful for me. I attended a workshop for a week, went for a personal development course, trained our new SAs, battled the Zotob strains, got a whacking from some bigshot (yeah yeah due to the Zotob thingy), whacked back *grins* (not that I like whacking and stuff, I ain't much of a leather-and-lace fan hehehe), and some.

Good thing for weekends. Spent most of the weekends going out with the family. We went a-hiking to Mount Faber, watching the National Day Parade practice runs, book-hunting in a couple of book warehouse sales (hoot! my hoard, by itself, is bloggable lolz), eat-all-you-can binge at the Marina cove, getting lost in Punggol, and a bunch of misadventures more. Next time I get stressed out, the Pamilya di-magiba will pack some stuff and head to Pulau Ubin or the Treetop Walk for some destressing. =)

Here's one of Butoy's pics taken at the Cable Car station on Mount Faber. How he guffawed when he saw his reflections!


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