Thursday, July 07, 2005

London: After the joy, sorrow...

Just caught sight of the news report about the London bombings from the 9:30 PM CNA newscast. Forty five people were reportedly killed and scores injured by a series explosions (four according to the latest report) which occurred during the early morning rush hour.

Three of the four blasts took place in the city's subways. A double-decker bus was the target of one other blast. Twisted metals, blood splattered pavements, victims bags, shoes and other personal belongings paint a grisly picture straight out of a Dali painting.

A little while ago, London was chosen to be the host city of the 2012 Olympics during the IOC session in Singapore. The city was abuzz with this news and the Londoners were generally in a cheerful mood. Then, out of the blue, the terrorist attacks happened.

I have cousins living in London. Friends. Classmates. Ex-colleagues. I hope they are all safe.

My heart goes out to the victims. My prayers too.


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