Thursday, July 14, 2005

Durian season in Geylang Republic...

Coming from work one drizzly night, I felt the urge to buy some fruits for the wife and the kids from one of the fruit stalls along Sims Avenue. A full ten-minute walk from our house, these fruit stalls sell a wide range of fruits ranging from Thai mangos, papayas, coconuts, lanzones, mangosteens, jackfruits, rambutans,honeydews, rock melons, and - easily, the most-sought - durians. In fact, right along the sidewalk are rows of tables where the usual ah bengs, white-collar folks, the aunties and uncles, kids even, folks from all walks of life gather to partake of the legendary (olfactory arousal, notwithstanding) king of fruits.

After paying for my hoard - one mega-watermelon, a kilo each of lanzones and mangosteen, and four ripe mangoes, I caught sight of this mother-and-son duo who were trying to haggle with one durian vendor. Apparently, they are Malaysians who were in town for a short visit (hush, the ever nosey me, kaypoh in localspeak, hehehe) and were trying to catch a late durian binge. And boy, was I surprised with the durian price! Mura na! After this picture was taken, I noticed the vendor splitting a couple of durians and passing these over to his now-drooling-with-anticipation customers.

I didn't buy any durians this time. Last time I noshed up on durians, I had a pong of a fart for days! =)


Blogger Tanggero said...

sarap ng durian pero di pa ko nakakakain dyan sa geylang.
dre, kung free kayo ng family mo this saturday (5pm), invite ko kayo sa bb-q b-day party ng son ko. sms me to 91256484 para mai-txt back ko sa iyo ang address.

7:06 AM  

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