Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My daughter grows up...

Coming home from work a little while ago, I noticed Am-Am working on her drawings on the dinner table. I can see a marked improvement on her drawings. What used to be stick-people scribbles have taken more humanly shapes and forms. Her colours have gone more vivid, a mix of dynamic hues and bold strokes. I'll be posting some of her works occasionally.

She has also immensely progressed on her communications and writing skills. She was always acing her English exams the previous two terms (she only had two mistakes from the 20 or so English exams she had). Her teacher, Miss Foo, during one of the parents-teacher talk held at her school (Haig Girls School), told Rizza and I that Amberdawn was, so far, the brightest Filipino girl she had as a student.

Once in a while she would write short snippets to me and her mom. "I love you, Dad," or "Happy Mother's Day, Mom" then followed by a cheesy, cutesy message. This never fails to cheer Rizza and I up. Kahit kung minsan eh nagiging corny din ang baby ko.

Indeed she's grown... parang kelan lang ang baby ko eh pinapasyal pasyal ko pa sa bukid... namimitas kami ng manga o siniguelas... nanghuhuli ng tutubi... Funny but I get teary-eyed reminiscing those days...

Now she doesn't want to be called Am-Am anymore. Or Baby. Or Princess. "Daddy, you can only call me those when we're at home!," she would quip. Tsk, tsk... My daughter grows up... and fast!


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