Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Gloria's Mea Culpa, a little too late?

Yes, it was Ate Glo after all.

The President finally admitted that she was the person in the Gloriagate tapes whose conversation with (allegedly, until he owns up himself) Comelec Commissioner Garcillano were illegally recorded. Why it took her almost an eternity to confess is the 64-dollar question. Did she really try to influence the polls back then? Did she, uhm, try to push her weight around for her own gain? Did her spin doctors run out of tricks in trying to salvage her from this quagmire of lies(?) she has sank herself into?

She has said sorry to the nation. So what? The nation was not waiting for the rethorics much less an apology from her. Therein lies the dilemna of the President. Her apology may not be tantamount to admitting her trying to manipulate the election results but to the politics-weary man in the street, she's as guilty as sin. I wonder whether if she had cut and cut cleanly right after the brouhaha surfaced, things would be different. But that is moot now at this point in time.

Knowing the penchant of our politicos making mountains out of molehills, I expect this issue to heat up all the more in the coming days (expect more grandstanding, i would say). I just hope the rammifications to the economy in general is minimal. Kawawa naman ang karamihan pag nagkataon.

There are even talks of new EDSA revolution, etc. Tsk, we Filipinos should really learn from the lessons of the past. History repeating itself is an immutable fact; but history repeating itself again and again and again makes for a humdinger of a blog post (in the absence of a more quoteworthy quote, lol).

Bottomline, my support is still with the President (as I see no suitable presidentiable *my own opinion* from the opposition). It is during these times of distress when the true worth of a nation is measured. Suportahan taka, Ate Glo. Pardon moi, that's just my wasted self, ranting after a day of freaking work. =)


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