Saturday, June 11, 2005

Batam on my mind...

I was in Batam (Indonesia) yesterday for some ad hoc work. It seems the place hasn't changed much since the last time I was there.

It was almost two years ago to this day when I was last assigned in Batam. I was working on a project back then which took roughly four months to complete. I was onsite Mondays to Fridays and was back in Singapore during weekends throughout this period. I made quite a number of friends there --- the jovial Pak Tarman, affable Pak Anton, helpful Imam, Pak Wisnu, my designated driver, and the IFX Pinoy community (Mang Larry, Wilson, Gil, brother Crispin, Christian who has since left the company for , if I recall in right, Intel, to name a few). But living on Batam chicken for four straight months is no joke. Oh, I am not referring to the "flightless" chickens Batam is famous for (akin to the PH's mga kalapating mababa ang lipad). KFC, McDonald's, and ayam penyet from some local makan spots were my usual fares during this period. Good thing the Batam chicken has ample breasts and juicilicious drumsticks. =)

This photo was taken onboard the Jet Raider ferry showing the Harbourfront wharf.

This one was from the Sekupang ferry terminal taken while on my trip back to SG.

The ferrys are still dingy for my standards. One still sees some cockroaches and other insects crawling around. They are still seaworthy though and for those chicken-loving ah bengs who seem to flock to Batam during weekends, this is good enough.


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