Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Am and Butoy's toys (rhymes!)...

Am and Butoy have this growing collection of miniature toys (I don't friggin' know how to call them, really) which they have gradually collected whenever we go to our usual weekend haunt. I was often wondering how my one-dollar coins, which I normally just leave lying around my work bench, keep disappearing. Yun pala nilalagay nila sa alkansya nila, dyaske. Now, whenever I get hold of a one-dollar coin I try to keep it and pass it over to them during our weekend escapades (of course I do this when the wife is not looking, kunsintidor *grins*).

These are the latest addition to their collection.

And this is Butoy's gundam collection.

I am planning to get a nice little cabinet for these toys. In fact, I myself am starting to appreciate these. I got a number of such toys in my cubicle *grins*.


Blogger Tanggero said...

nice collections!
also working here in Sg, dami nang bloggers dito. hope someday, magkita-kita tayo. good day sir!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Badz said...

Salamat sir. Sana nga eh lumaki pa ang grupo ng mga bloggers dito at magkaroon ng paminsan minsang get-together. Kahit sa may kway teowan lang...

4:07 PM  

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