Thursday, March 03, 2005


It's been almost three years now when I started working with this company. Sometimes I wonder how life would have been had I opted for that consultancy work instead. SI work hasn't always been a bed of roses but it helps pay the bills.

Looking back, I still remember my exuberance when, barely a couple of weeks into the job, I was assigned to do a project that would take me to our Asia-Pac regional sites for almost four months. Talk about plain swerte when the angmoh guy who was supposed to be involved in the project quit.

Those few months were a mix of melancholic and blissful feelings. On one hand, I was missing my family a lot, especially my li'l boy who was only 3 months old when I left the Philippines. On the other hand, I was very thrilled to travel to other countries, experience diverse cultures, and see well-known places.

I still get goosebumps when I recall those Chinese military (or were they policemen?) tailing me (or was I just being paranoid?) when I was trying to take some shots in Tian An Men Square in Beijing (the tibak in me can emphatize with the martyrs who lost their lives here...). Or when I took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya (or how about that time when I paid this Japanese taxi 120 greenbucks for a less-than 30-minute ride from Shinagawa to, was it Ikebukuro?). How about that curfew thing in Bangalore (almost getting arrested and all!)? The Taipei 101 was just a big hole on the Taipei CBD when I was there (and how contrasting the Hsinchu landscape is with those MNC fabs among rice paddies...). The Shanghai squeeze? That's a cab with two Germans, one Singaporean Sikh, me jammed in this small cab with hardly a space to spare, tsk, tsk... Penang TGIFs are the best so far (ladies night kasi sa mga bars *winks*).

Looking ahead, life seems to get no easier. No complaints, bring it on...


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