Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogging MS...

As I was poring over some Pinoy blogs which delve on IT matters, I cannot help but notice that majority of them (based on the twenty or so that I have seen) are FOSS advocates. These blogs provide never a dearth of info and tips on, say, configuring Ubuntu, running LiveCDs, nmap switches, to name a few. Definitely information such as these are a godsend to noobies like me. Needless to say, I, an open source convert, have made it a habit to leaf through these blogs for a tip or two on FOSS stuff whenever I can. But I digress.

I am supporting an infrastructure that has Microsoft etched all over its face. Web servers? IIS, check. Desktop/notebook OS? Win2K (and a li'l dash of XP here and there), check. Application servers? Win2K/Win2003, check. Basically at work, I live and breath MS. Which explains why I have MCSE, MCSA, and MCP on my business card *grins*. 'Nuff said.

I will try to provide tips, every now and then, concerning MS-related stuff since majority of PC users are using the Redmond giant's products. I'll start next week, as I am about to set off for the IT Fair at Suntec City a few minutes from now. Great buys, so says one of my colleagues... We'll see... It's gonna take a lot of convincing to persuade a saluyot-loving Ilocano to part with his hard earned cash. Sal-it!


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