Thursday, December 08, 2005

This blog goes tech!

I have created another blog for all my personal posts and will keep this blog to host tech-themed postings. Been way too busy the last months and was unable to make any noteworthy post here. Fret not, I'll be posting some stuff soon. Maybe next week... hope...

My other blog : (

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Once a blogger...

I've been away from the blogosphere for God-knows how long. The past few weeks were really stressful for me. I attended a workshop for a week, went for a personal development course, trained our new SAs, battled the Zotob strains, got a whacking from some bigshot (yeah yeah due to the Zotob thingy), whacked back *grins* (not that I like whacking and stuff, I ain't much of a leather-and-lace fan hehehe), and some.

Good thing for weekends. Spent most of the weekends going out with the family. We went a-hiking to Mount Faber, watching the National Day Parade practice runs, book-hunting in a couple of book warehouse sales (hoot! my hoard, by itself, is bloggable lolz), eat-all-you-can binge at the Marina cove, getting lost in Punggol, and a bunch of misadventures more. Next time I get stressed out, the Pamilya di-magiba will pack some stuff and head to Pulau Ubin or the Treetop Walk for some destressing. =)

Here's one of Butoy's pics taken at the Cable Car station on Mount Faber. How he guffawed when he saw his reflections!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Durian season in Geylang Republic...

Coming from work one drizzly night, I felt the urge to buy some fruits for the wife and the kids from one of the fruit stalls along Sims Avenue. A full ten-minute walk from our house, these fruit stalls sell a wide range of fruits ranging from Thai mangos, papayas, coconuts, lanzones, mangosteens, jackfruits, rambutans,honeydews, rock melons, and - easily, the most-sought - durians. In fact, right along the sidewalk are rows of tables where the usual ah bengs, white-collar folks, the aunties and uncles, kids even, folks from all walks of life gather to partake of the legendary (olfactory arousal, notwithstanding) king of fruits.

After paying for my hoard - one mega-watermelon, a kilo each of lanzones and mangosteen, and four ripe mangoes, I caught sight of this mother-and-son duo who were trying to haggle with one durian vendor. Apparently, they are Malaysians who were in town for a short visit (hush, the ever nosey me, kaypoh in localspeak, hehehe) and were trying to catch a late durian binge. And boy, was I surprised with the durian price! Mura na! After this picture was taken, I noticed the vendor splitting a couple of durians and passing these over to his now-drooling-with-anticipation customers.

I didn't buy any durians this time. Last time I noshed up on durians, I had a pong of a fart for days! =)

Friday, July 08, 2005

My son, the student...

Buto'y first day in school, the whole story, in pictures...

Still sleepy... zzzz... Me, "C'mon get your ass up at maligo na tayo!" Butoy, "Daddy, tapos ng Courage the (Cowardly) Dog!" Tsk, not a good start it seems.

Look Ma, I'm ready for school! After much prodding, we were able to bathe the imp, feed him (roti prata with maple syrup, one of his paboritos), and put on the stuff his mommy prepared before she left for work, Butoy is ready for his rite of passage. Wohooo!

Best friends... That's me and my son. The paternal bond between us seems to grow stronger by the day. Especially when we are both playing our favorite computer games or when we are having a blast at the arcade playing Marvel vs. Capcom. But then, nagiging makulit na rin siya lalo na pag nag-aagawan kami ng remote ng TV. So after my turn at the shower and prepared my stuff (after finishing off his prata leftovers), off to the Chen Li Kindergarten we went, together with Tita Ria.

Butoy was apprehensive at first. He wouldn't let me leave kahit panay pa suhol ko ("Okay, I'm buying the toy you want..."). Good thing Shing Shing (opppsss Benedict pala) was there to help him settle down. You see them in the picture seated beside each other.

Ahhh, my son, the student. He's learning fast. He's going to be a smart (aleck?) kid. He better be, namulubi ako sa binayad ko sa school nya ha!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London: After the joy, sorrow...

Just caught sight of the news report about the London bombings from the 9:30 PM CNA newscast. Forty five people were reportedly killed and scores injured by a series explosions (four according to the latest report) which occurred during the early morning rush hour.

Three of the four blasts took place in the city's subways. A double-decker bus was the target of one other blast. Twisted metals, blood splattered pavements, victims bags, shoes and other personal belongings paint a grisly picture straight out of a Dali painting.

A little while ago, London was chosen to be the host city of the 2012 Olympics during the IOC session in Singapore. The city was abuzz with this news and the Londoners were generally in a cheerful mood. Then, out of the blue, the terrorist attacks happened.

I have cousins living in London. Friends. Classmates. Ex-colleagues. I hope they are all safe.

My heart goes out to the victims. My prayers too.